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Introduction of Yufu City

The general condition

 Yufu City of the Oita Prefecture is located in the center, and to the north is Usa City and Beppu City, to the south is Takeda City, to the east is Oita City and to the west is adjacent to Kusu (Kusu-machi and Kokonoe-machi). By East-West 24.7km, north and south 23.4km, area is 319.32km². The 1,000m grade mountains including Yufudake and Kurodake extend from the north to the southwest. Yufuin Basin of approximately 450m above sea level is formed in the foot of Yufudake. Rivers with the sources from these mountains come to form the Oita River from the east to the west. The river terrace of the Oita River and piedmont spreads out from the eastern part to the central part.
 The climate of Yufu City can be divided into two types. One is the eastern and northern areas represented by the high altitude of the Yufin Basin where daily range is great. Because of the inland climate, the lowest temperature is often below freezing and snows during the winter. The other is the Setouchi climate with a warm climate and little rain at the low altitude central and western areas.
 As for the agriculture and forestry business, vegetables, plants, rice, fruits and farming are prospering, but the number of farmhouses and farmers are decreasing. About the industry, with the effect of the attraction of enterprises, the amount of manufacture shipment is increasing. About the commerce, the number of the stores is decreasing due to social environmental change or the advancement of large-scale shop, but the establishment and advancement of new stores are remarkable, and a new commerce base area is being formed. About tourism, we are blessed with hot springs and rich nature, particularly many tourists visit the Yufuin area as a hot spring rest spot.

Citizens' charter


Yufu City Denuclearization and Peaceful City Declaration

 We humans have the right to live peacefully, and world peace is a common wish for all mankind. However, world peace is severely threatened by frequent proliferation of nuclear weapons, use of armed force and terrorism due to race, religion and resource dispute.
 We are the only country ever to experience the nuclear bomb at Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We bear a historic duty to appeal to the whole world to not forget about the threat and misery of nuclear weapons which may destroy the world.
 The idea of eternal peace advocated in the Constitution of Japan is deeply engraved on the Yufu citizen's hearts, and we will aim for peace and fully abolish nuclear weapons. Furthermore, until the day when every dispute disappears on this earth, we promise that we will continue to demand peace. We hereby declare as a nuclear-free peace city.

Municipal emblem

Base on the "Y" for Yufu City, we describe Yufu citizens freely living in the rich nature in an abstract way.
Orange as the sun, green as the earth, these represent the nature of Yufu City.

Flower, tree, chicken of city

Cosmos Quercus glauca bush warbler

Statistics information about city

City hall guidance