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Yufu City homepage management agreement

[basic rule]

This Article 1 agreement applies about limit of official homepage (we say "page" as follows.) publication contents of Yufu City and standard.
This Article 2 page is intended to offer in convenience of user as offer medium of information about Yufu City widely.
We perform management of Article 3 page in general affairs department General Administration Division's secretary, public relations officer.
(publication contents)
We do not publish thing corresponding to next kakugo in Article 4 page.
(1) We include contents which may let you damage Yufu City (you say "city" as follows.) or lose trust of city
(2) There might be thing violating laws and ordinances or the regulations or violation
(3) We slander third party, and thing to slander gives third party disadvantage again
(4) Or, thing against public order and morals, there is a threat that
(5) We are similar to election campaign or this
(6) Thing about religious activity and advocacy ad and personal advertising
(7) Thing about business to intend for by law about adequacy of regulation such as business of offering food and entertainment and duties
(8) It is judged that we cannot publish on account of the capacity
(9) We include contents causing unauthorized access and system stop
(10) We deviated from purpose of Article 2
(11) In addition, we admit that the mayor is not suitable
(link to city homepage)
It is said that links from homepage of Article 5, etc. to page are free to do principle. But it is unrelated to city entirely and shall not take any responsibility about contents with homepage operator of origin of link.
(link to other homepages)
Article 6 city links to homepage that group, company in line with purpose of country, local public entity, public group and Article 2 establish. But we shall not link when the linked homepage includes applicable contents in one of fourth jokakugo.
When we set 2 links, partner point gets approval by procedure that partner point directed except link free case and performs.
(cancellation of link)
Article 7 city can remove link in any of one of next kakugo without notifying linked homepage operator.
(1) When city judges that contents of linked homepage correspond to one of fourth jokakugo
(2) In addition, when the mayor judges that it is inappropriate to link
About all acts that Article 8 user performs using information of page, city does not take any responsibility.
The damage that occurred to third party by 2 link homepages shall be settled in the homepage operator concerned, and city does not take responsibility at all.
(about copyrights)
Copyrights such as document, image published in Article 9 page belong to city and each producer,
We prohibit unauthorized use, reproduction. But it is not this limit when we perform permission application.
When you use image or picture of person in case of 2 foregoing paragraphs, do not violate right of likeness.

[additional clause]

This agreement takes effect on April 25, 2014.