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"Let's talk about civic talks meeting with the mayor!"

The mayor goes under area or various groups and has you deepen understanding to municipal administration more by having opportunity to talk with citizen's everybody directly and is intended that we keep opinions from citizen's alive to municipal administration.


We hold depending on requests such as autonomous district and group, group.


We intend for group or group to organize in residence or commuting, people gone to school in Yufu City. We do scales such as groups more than about ten people. In addition, plural groups can hold jointly.

3.Holding place

We perform at place to appoint of application group. But arrangement of venue, please be application group.

4.Holding time

We do with time when principle, application group appoint and do with around one hour 30 minutes in the time required (meeting is necessary beforehand in schedule).

5.Application method

"Let's talk about groups in hope of holding with the mayor!" By held application (style 1), please propose to Public Relations Officer Secretary General Administration Division within about one month before fixture. Shonai Government building General Administration Division, each Promotion Bureau Community Promotion Section have application.
Application is good by mail, fax, E-mail, both methods of bringing.

6.Notice of held decision

When I decided on the dates based on submitted holding application, I will inform representatives such as groups. But, after the held decision, I decide to be able to postpone holding in cases that urgent requirements occurred in city and will inform applicant immediately on this occasion. At the same time, we set on the dates some other time.


I decline simple consultation, request, slander, slander for specific individual and group or talk for the purpose of religion to assume constructive exchange of opinions about town development. Depending on contents, we may stop talks meeting. "Let's talk with the mayor!" The staff accompanies this and attends.


Public Relations Officer Secretary General Administration Division (the second floor of the main government building Main Building)
Telephone: 097-582-1112