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Financial summary

We announce financial summary of Yufu City.

Public funds deposit exemption advanced redemption

About public funds compensation money exemption advanced redemption
1.System summary

System of public funds compensation money exemption advanced redemption was founded to reduce public loan costs burden of local bond of high interest rate as part of local finance measures of country. When we performed advanced redemption of public funds, you had to pay interest equivalency as compensation money (cancelation cost), but advanced redemption by compensation money exemption became possible about borrowed money of the high rate of interest of borrowed money rate of interest more than 5% of public funds until now in three years from 2007 to 2009.
As we are obliged to carry out development of fiscal consolidation plan and government enterprise rehabilitation plan and devise plan because even Yufu City utilizes this system and got approval of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Minister of Finance, as condition to utilize this system, we announce these plans.
We carried out advanced redemption in Yufu City in from 2008 to 2011 and planned reduction of burden in the future.

2.The amount of advanced redemption and the amount of effect

<accounts name> <the amount of advanced redemption> <amount of effect (burden reduction sum)>
General account 190,830,000 yen 45,590,000 yen
Water supply business accounts 92,350,000 yen 24,310,000 yen
Small water-supply system business special accounts 110,220,000 yen 20,100,000 yen
Agricultural settlement drainage business special accounts 40,030,000 yen 10,970,000 yen
The total 433,430,000 yen 10,097 ten thousand Japanese yen

3.Contents such as fiscal consolidation plans depending on advanced redemption
As for the details, please see the following PDF file.


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