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Comprehensive plan, basic design


  • The first Yufu City comprehensive plan summary version (file for word)
  • Purpose of plan development

    Yufu City comprehensive plan lets you succeed to comprehensive plan of former three towns before merger and develop on the basis of new city construction plan that we made at the time of merger. Furthermore, we occupy basic policy of municipal administration administration that surveyed image in the future of basic principles and Yufu City of town development to push forward town development of Yufu City, and administration carries each role and responsibility with citizen appropriate for the decentralization times and is intended that we do with guideline to push forward new town development while collaborating.

    Character of plan

    Yufu City comprehensive plan establishes basic policy of measure to realize image and it in the future of desirable Yufu City. In addition, basic policy of measure advocated here establishes direction of administrative administration of Yufu City.
    On the other hand, for country and prefecture, the neighborhood municipalities, other public institutions, private sectors, we make image clear in role, trend toward growth, the future to be assumed by Yufu City and demand understanding and cooperation to municipal administration administration.
    In addition, in pipelaying, the government makes partnership with citizen and aims at realization by united collaboration.

    Constitution of plan

    As for the Yufu City comprehensive plan, it is composed with "execution plan" "basic plan" "basic design".

    Basic principles of town development

    We advocate "harmony" "collaboration" "development" in basic principles and are doing Yufu City on the basis of wrestling for "the Japan's most livable town development that is security/safety which valued local self-government" with citizen.

    YUFU plan ... which Yufu City aims at in the future future image - yufuno forest design

    Future image which Yufu City aims at is "gusset of the best livableness in Japan which valued local self-government".

    We compare life and silvics of the forest (forest) to help each other together, and to protect, and to be brought up to realize figure to aim at Yufu City to town development and live for the whole Yufu City in one forest and thought, forest and carry out "yufuno forest circulation, future YUFU plan" that valued the breeding and circulation of all lives to visit the rich forest in the forest.
    In addition, we carry out making of area community "yufuno forest community, future YUFU plan" where face which builds consciousness of area self-government community to "help each other" by acquaintance and contact of the neighborhood to aim at livable Yufu City linking heart of consideration, and cooperates with various problems such as the welfare and environment, education, disaster prevention in the whole area, and wrestles, and valued "mind of mutual aid" is seen.
    This is town development "yufuno forest design, future YUFU plan" by citizen and administrative collaboration that valued the reliable best livableness in Japan and local self-government by security.

    Basic policy of seven town development

    Policy of town development that Yufu City will work on for image realization in the future is town development plan "making of yufuno forest, future YUFU plan" developed by seven keywords of "environment" "to bring up" "ease" "healing" "living" "crop" "pride".

    * Bringing-up tenderly person and culture "" town development (improvement of education, culture) to bring up
    * Town development (maintenance and inflection of natural environments) to make use of while keeping environmental natural "environment" in good condition
    * As for none of the eases town development (improvement of health, welfare) of "restful" structure
    * As for person who heal, and lives and the coming person "" town development (promotion of sightseeing, interchange) that is appeased
    * Town development (maintenance of life, urban infrastructure) that "living" which living is comfortable, and is effective can realize
    * Town development (industrial promotion) of "crop" realized by crop industrial development
    * "" Town development (promotion of inhabitants participation, collaboration) to be able to be proud of to make with pride citizen

    Community improvement plan

    We devise plan according to area as thing indicating direction of community improvement on administration cooperating with citizen, and pushing forward livable community improvement while keeping local characteristic and individuality of each including nature and culture alive aiming at development that we got of harmony of the whole Yufu City.
    About area classification, we sort in area of old town unit (former Hasamamachi, former Shonaicho, former Yufuincho).

    Period of plan

    Basic design and basic plan do the aim year as well as new city construction plan together with 2015, and they are nine years from 2007 to 2015 during plan period. Execution plan performs appropriate review from the viewpoint of practice characteristics as three years.
    In addition, in development of plan, we reflect voice from civic questionnaire or junior high student in the city in a mass.


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