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Information disclosure

1.Public person who can request

We can request from anyone.

2. Target document

Thing which city manages by making or official document which we acquired in duties is for the staff of city. (it is already for making, kept official document and does not make for public request.)

3. Official document which we cannot disclose

Official document targeted for system of public offering of information should be exhibition, but information becoming disadvantageous cannot be released for information and corporation about individual.

4. About open request

You have you fill in matter necessary for "official document exhibition bill", and please submit. We determine whether you reckon from requested day, and you can be released for less than 15 days (when there is unavoidable reason less than 60 days).

5. Flow of procedure


Person in charge of General Administration Division general affairs (the second floor of the main government building Main Building)
Telephone: 097-582-1112