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Administrative and financial reforms

About the third administrative and financial reform

As guideline of administrative and financial reform of Yufu City from 2016 to 32 of 5 years, we devised the third Yufu City administrative and financial reform general rules. Based on approach result of the second general rules, basic principles to "aim at municipal administration that supplies administrative services stably for the future, and can meet inhabitants needs" raises three basic policies newly after having succeeded and decides to promote more reform of financial and administrative operations.

Basic policy of general rules

1.Rebuilding of financial fundamental made in medium-and-long term viewpoint
Expansion of progress of low birthrate and aging and new task which the administration carries out on it's own responsibility, increase of annual expenditure including update and maintenance of social capital are predicted while reduction of annual revenue resources is anticipated, and establishment of sustainable financial fundamental is demanded from generation in the future without sakiso doing burden.
Therefore, advance to key by approach for securing of fiscal soundness that fixed its eyes on the future by middle finance income and expenditure plan to become guideline of medium-and-long term financial administration and rebuild flexible fiscal structure.

2.Establishment of administrative management to raise citizen satisfaction
We raise quality of past administrative services and push forward the making of organization system which can make decision with quick correspondence that made authority and responsibility clear, and improvement of cross-sectional capacity for organization with mobility is demanded by main government building method shift.
We plan improvement of citizen satisfaction aiming at administrative administration that supported citizen needs precisely and utilize financial resources ideally and effectively and push forward the effective system which we can provide effectively by necessary service.

3.Collaboration with a variety of main constituents in public domain
Flexible correspondence that we coped with about the way of offer of administrative services in the times is demanded while diversification of citizen's needs accompanied with social environmental changes and limitation of administrative financial resources add to strictness more.
To push forward town development utilized local characteristic, is citizen and community organization, NPO in each field in public domain ※A variety of main constituents including, private enterprise make role clear and push forward cooperation, approach to collaborate while supplementing each other.
※ Groups (non profit organization) which got juridical person based on the promotion method about private business organization which worked on contribution to society without being aimed for profit.

About state of implementation of administrative and financial reform of 2016

It was the first year of the third administrative and financial reform execution plan, and 2016 was years of start of plans indicating the prospects of city such as the second comprehensive plans. It is thought that municipal administration was age to step forward to new one step from merger after ten years.
Earthquake to observe intensity 6 lower in the city on April 16, 2016 when the new year just began was generated while it was and had this great influence on the execution of office work business of city. In addition, we will push forward the correspondence and earthquake disaster-related office work at the same time by having performed large-scale reorganization called shift and organization reorganization to main government building method on July 18.
We receive unexpected damage caused by earthquake disaster, and, for state of implementation of administrative and financial reform of 2016, thing that approach is insufficient is founded generally. It is necessary to pull back to reform along plan, and more and more administrative and financial reform is demanded, but will promote more reform of financial and administrative operations based on basic principles in future.

About the achievement situation of the second administrative and financial reform execution plan

Plan period of the second Yufu City administrative and financial reform of 5 years was expired from 2011 to 2015.
Commencing with the achievement of financial adjustment fund balance 2,500 million yen that it published in basic policy of general rules, we were able to reform constant administrative administration.
However, part that lack of thing which was not ready to carry out enough approaches and sense of speed of reform was apparent was founded when we inspected reform item individually. In addition, there is place where we felt limit of reduction, weight loss type reform.
We become rules of financial administration for overall annual revenue annual expenditure and sincere and constant reform including effective administration as administrative body is important and it is staff bullet with citizen and, for permanent development of city, pushes forward effort for "town of livableness Nihonichi which valued area self-government" truly.

About the approach situation of local administration service reform

About result of investigation into approach situation of local administration service reform, we announce.


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