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Administrative organization, staff adoption

Introduction of duties

About specific business owner action plan

About summary of Yufu City mutual aid society

Yufu City staff employment examination

About salary

About salary, capacity management of Yufu City, we announce as follows.

About the reemployment situation of the Yufu City retirement staff

In people who resigned by job that is higher than section manager in 2017, report announces about the situation of reemployment that there was by rule of regulations (2016 regulations 3) Article 4 about retirement management of staff of Yufu City to secure transparency about reemployment of the Yufu City staff.
In addition, on publication, we announce by contents based on rule younger brother Article 25 about retirement management of the Yufu City staff.

About the number of the staff every stage in class and office organization

Based on 3 rules of local public service worker method Article 58, we announce the number of the staff such as every classes dated April 1 every year as follows.

※Reference: Local public service worker method extract
(publication of the number of staff such as every classes)
3 appointment incarnation of Article 58 must report number of the staff to the head of local public entity every year every stage in office organization to belong of class to prescribe in Article 25 Clause 4 and staff's post.
We gather report by rule of foregoing paragraph, and the head of 2 local public entity must announce every year.