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City prefectural tax

Capable person bearing tax bears personal city prefectural tax by equal sum

Per capita rate

We bear this according to income amount of money of the person

Income percent

We are comprised of two of this and are taxed based on income in the previous year in the municipalities living in at the present on January 1 of the year.

●Deadline (four times a year)

The first ... June 30
The second From August 1 to August 31
The third From October 1 to October 31
The fourth From December 1 to December 25
※Special collection (salary deduction) becomes 12 times a year of payment in office.


About special collection of personal residence tax

It is system to have business owner (salary giver) collects individual residence tax from salary that employees who are taxpayer of personal residence tax pay in place of (salaried employee) like withholding taxes of income tax every month and deliver.
※It is decided to collect personal residence tax to affect earned income extra, and, by rule of 4 and the Yufu city tax regulations of Local Tax Law Article 321, business owner who is taxpayer of income tax is required to collect individual residence tax extra.

There is the following merit for special collection
1.We can omit trouble that employee goes to financial institution by oneself, and pays its tax.
2.As it is gone down from salary, we put, and there is no lapse of memory.
3.As we divide into 12 times a year from monthly salary and are gone down, burden per once decreases.
(when it is not special collection, as a general rule, please pay minute at four times for one year)


Tax Affairs Section (the first floor of the main government building new building)
(municipal tax, light vehicle tax) telephone: 097-582-1269
(property tax)     Telephone: 097-582-1138
(storing)        Telephone: 097-582-1111 (extension number 2171)