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Medical checkup (adult)

"Consultation ticket" and "health insurance card" are necessary at the time of consultation.
※About consultation ticket, please ask medical insurer where you join.

Inspection contents

Chest X-rays Under 40 years old free as for applicant 40 years old or more are examination charges: 1,460 yen (※)
Inspection item Interview, physical measurement, girth of the abdomen measurement (we perform toward 40-74 years old)
Blood pressure measurement, urinalysis (protein, sugar), blood test (sugar, lipid, liver function, renal function, anemia
It is electrocardiogram, examination of the fundus (by judgment of applicant or doctor)
Hepatitis virus
Inspection (HBS, HCV)
Target person: Person becoming 40 years old this year and which is not examined in the past
(liver function whom abnormality was located within in particular recommends inspection)
※We cannot carry out one that we inspected in the past
Medical examination of district
(total amount self-pay)
Examination of prostate cancer (man) examination charges: 2,060 yen (night, holiday 2,270 yen)
Examination of examination for uric acid charges: 110 yen
Urine cytodiagnosis medical examination charges: 1,110 yen (night, holiday 1,220 yen)
※It is rate by group medical examination about option.

Instructions at the time of consultation

  • Person 40 years or older comes to need "consultation ticket" and "health insurance card".
  • Let's take by all means as we cannot receive medical examination when we forget.

... consultation ticket carefully storage! ...

  • Consultation ticket is sent to person that welfare is received from city.
  • When we are transferred from Yufu City, and insurance qualification disappears, we cannot use consultation ticket.
  • One becoming 75 years old chooses medical examination of (elderly aged 75 or over) either after before birthday (each medical insurer) and the birthday
    Please do.
  • When we have a medical examination redundantly, we may have the person bear expense.

Privacy Policy
About professional personal information that we were able to know, we use only for purpose to be concerned with medical examination in Yufu City, city designation medical institution, Oita Prefecture community health support center and do not do use except purpose.

Let's confirm at your age

Basic date of target age: March 31, 2018

  • One that becomes 19-39 years old
Period, place Medical examination in group
Examination charges Chest X-rays shooting: 1,460 yen ※Applicant
Specific medical examination: 1,000 yen
Thing to bring We know the addresses such as examination charges, driver's license

※If 19-39-year-old person is Yufu citizen, participation insurance does not matter.

  • One that becomes 40-74 years old
Period, place ①Medical examination in group
②City designation medical institution (as for the period from May to the end of November)
Examination charges Specific medical examination: Amount of money varies among 1,000 yen (National Health Insurance) insurers.
Thing to bring Examination charges, health insurance card, consultation ticket

  • One 75 years or older

(one where 75-year-old birthday is reached on medical examination day)

Period, place ①Medical examination in group
②City designation medical institution (as for the period from May to the end of November)    ※We choose either
★Elderly aged 75 or over medical care interjurisdictional affiliation designation medical institution
Examination charges Free of charge
Thing to bring Consultation ticket, health insurance card

Group medical examination (medical examination of district) schedule

City designation medical institution

About insurance application of Helicobacter pylori sanitization

◆With Helicobacter pylori
It is bacteria which Helicobacter pylori infect mucous membrane of stomach, and causes disease of alimentary system such as gastritis.
It is said that approximately a one-third of Japanese is infected particularly infection rate 50 years or older is said to be approximately 70%.
Cause of stomach cancer of aging and salt consume, and hyperginadoiroiroarimasuga, one of the causes have Helicobacter pylori.
◆Sanitization treatment of Helicobacter pylori
It was sanitization treatment of Helicobacter pylori that health insurance application was done only when symptoms such as "gastric ulcer" or "duodenal ulcer" progressed, but was for chronic gastritis to repeat inflammation by Helicobacter pylori from February, 2013 until now.
(Helicobacter pylori sanitization treatment takes antibiotics for around one week. Expense is around 10,000 yen.)
Please talk about one worried about disorder including pain of stomach with doctor once.


Person in charge of health promotion section health promotion (the first floor of the main government building Main Building)
Telephone: 097-582-1120 (extension number 1119)