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With AED

By abbreviation of Automated External Defibrillators, it is said to be automated external defibrillator.
How to put in power supplies, having cable connection or not of electrode pad may vary according to models, but generally operate by the following procedures.
(1) We switch on AED.
(2) We stick seal called electrode pad on chest of the disabled.
(3) We connect cable of electrode pad to the AED body.
(4) AED analyzes electrocardiogram automatically.
(5) We defibrillate (when there are instructions by sound from AED).

The AED body determines whether defibrillation is necessary without medical knowledge such as electrocardiogram, arrhythmia to user automatically. User can carry out defibrillation only when AED judges defibrillation to be necessary (in pushing defibrillation button).

※In cardiopulmonary resuscitation such as securing of respiratory tract, artificial respiration, chest compression, it is important to use AED to save the disabled whom disturbance of consciousness, breathing stop, cardiac arrest fell into.


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