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Information of living

Resident's card, family register

Various notices (transference, transference, birth, the death, the marriage, moving), notification of change of residence, copy of a person's family register by mail, resident registry card, Oita wide area window service

Pension, insurance

National Health Insurance, national pension, national pension fund, care insurance, Local Elderly Care Management Center


Municipal tax, property tax, corporation municipal tax, bath tax

Health, medical care

Medical checkup, medical examination reservation, medical examination place, child medical expenses subsidy program, vaccination, emergency pediatric service handbook, cancer screening, AED

The welfare, care

Medical system for elder senior citizens, special money of condolence, ceiling authorization, person with a disability support

The pregnancy, delivery, child care

Nursery school, vaccination, child care allowance, Child Rearing Allowance, the medical expenses furtherance, child club, parent and child circle, foster-parent system

Education, school

Each elementary and junior high school homepage, lunch menu, attendance at school area, cooperation type medium- and high-levels consistent education, change of attendance at school designated school, check, evaluation report, earthquake resistance situation, scholastic ability improvement support plan

[Life study]

Introduction of each course, approach of lifelong learning, manabino information magazine, application, cultural assets of course

[Water supply]

Procedure, rate, construction designation shop, water supply vision

Living, environment, garbage, Eco

Environmental regulations, plan, crematory, global warming measure, collection schedule, separation, how to put out garbage, eco-life plaza Eco, environmental hygiene center, Hijiu stand practice ground live shooting conduct plans

Pet, animal

The harmful birds and beasts, registration, rabies vaccination, bird flu of dog

Agricultural administration, agriculture committee

Village farming, agriculture committee, contact farm


Event event, each club introduction, each exercise facility

Sightseeing, culture

To Yufu City sightseeing information site

Traffic, bus, road information

Suspension and change information, each town timetable, each town route, various questionnaire results, local public transport activation meeting, city street construction, regulation, closed information

House, empty house

We apply for municipal house, *kochinjutaku and we settle down and promote (empty house information)

Town development, local community

kuaoruto design, Yufu community (local real ability reproduction) business, miraifurusato fund


Election information, polling place, early vote, absentee vote

Commerce and industry, consumer service center

About consumer service centers such as hirings

Social security, tax number system (my number system)

As social infrastructure supporting people's life, social security, tax number system is introduced.