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Business of the tenth anniversary of the Yufu municipal organization enforcement

[commemorative project basics concept]

<< as for spelling page 1 of the history of Yufu City a hatchet >>
As the new starting point toward ... future ...

About rental, exhibition of "trace of Yufu City birth ten years" picture

We reach the municipal organization enforcement tenth anniversary, and rental releases trace picture for ten years when we produced centering on three themes of harmony, collaboration, development that is basic principles of town development for realization of "town of the best livableness in Japan" which Yufu City aimed at to much in these 10 years.

Rental of picture (DVD) of the tenth anniversary

I would like presentation of "picture rental application of the tenth anniversary of the Yufu municipal organization enforcement".
Application, please use this style.
※About rental period, we do for 1 individual (group) with up to one week.
※We put rental application in Hasama, Yufuin Community Promotion Section and General Administration Division (Shonai Government building).
※As number is limited, we may have time before rental.

Exhibition by Internet delivery

About "trace of Yufu City birth ten years" picture, we open to the public in this page.

We produced logo mark of the tenth anniversary of the Yufu municipal organization enforcement!

Logo of the tenth anniversary

[production concept] We assumed "Yufudake" which was symbolic existence of city design which let "10" numbers affect motif. In addition, in meaning that thank you, "yufu" of Yufu City mascot character will jump out from now on and, for the future, says hello.

We produced logo mark in commemoration of memory of the tenth anniversary of the Yufu municipal organization enforcement. As thing with purpose to send image of Motoichi to widely, we would appreciate your utilizing for use mine, PR of Yufu City to citizen's everybody.

  • About the use that enlightenment of the tenth anniversary of the use standard municipal organization enforcement requires, we can use anyone. But when we spoil trust of city and dignity, we do with trademark of self or design and cannot use at time to admit that we might use monopolistically.
  • Use application is not necessary
  • Until expiration date August 31, 2016
  • Fee for use for free
  • You modify we transfer right of use of observance matter or not making sublet, design of logo mark, and do not use. Please observe that trademark registration, registration of a design set right of self about book newly or you do not register.


General Administration Division (the second floor of the main government building Main Building)
Telephone: 097-582-1112