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Shonai noh dance Festival, Shonaicho oldness and festival

From 3 to 4 on November

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On November 3 (Culture Day), we hold Shonai noh dance festival, Shonaicho hometown festival every year in Shonaicho general exercise park in village Shonai-machi, Yufu-shi of noh dance.
2-day this year with November 3, 4th; become held.
As for the Shonai noh dance Festival, many noh dance groups of local preschooler or high school students gather in a hall other than noh dance seat in succession to Shonai noh dance in the town block. We are absorbed in noh dance and can spend time all day from morning to the evening.
By Shonaicho oldness and festival held at the same time of special product display and sell, and branches more than 40, child open space are performed.

※About service of extra bus
We operate extra bus from Oita Station Kanamecho parking lot to venue (Shonaicho Kagura). As for the departure time, it is as follows. Please use necessary one. In addition, you do not receive advance reservations, but please note that capacity becomes first-come-first-served basis in 45 people. In addition, please warn used one as you depart if it is the departure time not to be late for time.

Arrival at Kagura from Oita Station          Arrival at Oita Station from Kagura
7:00  →  8:00 (only on 3rd)      13:00  → 14:00 (3rd, 4th)
10:00 → 11:00 (only on 3rd)      18:30  → 19:30 (only on 3rd)
8:00  →  9:00 (only on 4th)      17:00  → 18:00 (only on 4th)
14:00  → 15:00 (3rd, 4th)

Holding place

Shonaicho general exercise park Kagura


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