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Handling duties at extension window

In each Government building, we extend window time until 5:00 p.m. for two hours depending on day and do open agency until 7:00 p.m.

Handling duties

Thing about resident's cards

  • [Resident's card]
  • Resident's card items mentioned proof
  • Copy of a person's family register, abridgment (limited to family register)
  • Tag (only as for the tag of family register that current address appears in) of family register
  • [Seal registration]
  • Seal registration certificate
  • Identification card
    ※Proxy is necessary for issuance of identification card other than the person. In addition, it applies only to person who passed more than three months after permanent domicile becomes Yufu City.


Citizen's section (the first floor of the main government building Main Building)
Telephone: 097-582-1111

Thing about tax

  • The amount of income, ratable value certificate
  • Taxation certificate
  • Valuation certificate (land, house)
  • Tax certificate (land, house)
  • Asset certificate
  • Tax payment certificate of full payment
    A. Tax payment certificate
    i. Light vehicle tax tax payment certificate (only as for the car inspection use)


Tax Affairs Section (the first floor of the main government building new building)
Telephone: 097-582-1111