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Application downloading

We can download style to use for Yufu City when we do application, report from the homepage top.

Precautions matter

  • This service does not publish all the styles necessary for application, report to Yufu City. About applications except thing providing by this service, please use thing to distribute at department in charge of city, other windows.
  • Paper printing applications, please use normal of A4 size (blank paper). Please do not use thermal paper, backing paper.
  • We cannot perform presentation such as applications via E-mail and the Internet. Procedure would like counter in charge.
  • As you may have or you fill in correction in counter in charge again when there are defects in mention contents, bring seal to documents that sealing is necessary.
  • Please confirm in department in charge and counter in charge if you have any questions about entry methods of application.

List of downloading


Free software "Adobe Reader" of Adobe System company is necessary so that you see file of Portable Document Format. When you are not installed in PC that you are watching, please download from link of banner.
Downloading of Adobe Reader