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For disaster

When we forgot, disaster comes over. We cannot prevent outbreak of typhoon and earthquake, but minimum can check damage. Let's keep in mind to confirm some refuges to usually live nearby. In addition, we will talk about refuge course in home and area not to be upset when we actually evacuate.

The everyday preparation

  • We fix chest, bookshelf, refrigerator with L-shaped metal fittings and wire for prevention of fall.
  • We have always ready to be easy to take flashlight, radio, food, pharmaceutical products anytime.
  • We confirm place of refuge (school or public facilities are evacuation sites).

When we evacuate

  • When we evacuate, we confirm fire and extinguish a fire and confirm locking.
  • It is principle to evacuate on foot without using car in emergency.
  • We evacuate to evacuation sites appointed immediately if we receive evacuation advisory and evacuation order.

As for easiness of shaking map, flood hazard map, Tsurumidake, Garandake volcano disaster prevention map about place of refuge


Disaster prevention security section (the second floor of the main government building Main Building)
Telephone: 097-582-1140