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To all of companies

Bid, contract

About contracts such as bid and construction, construction consultation

[City planning, scenery]

About summary of city planning, excellent residential land, excellent house recognition system, scenery master plan, scenery plan, the regulations, development activity (permission) about development projects, the country use, renewable energy generation business

Agricultural administration, agriculture committee

About procedure, basic policy about areas materials utilization promotion such as community buildings, publication of organic farming promotion plan (plan) of designated about strong making of agriculture grant business evaluation, demand information of rice, Yufu City birds and beasts damage prevention plan, Tsukahara, Yufu-shi district activation plan, part revision of Domestic Animal Infectious Disease Control Law introduction of Hasama contact farm, farmland in for agricultural use district area, canceling


About service plans of road maintenance business that utilized Yufu City earthquake proofing repair promotion plan, Yufu City bridge extension of life repair plan, attending school road combination check point, social capital maintenance synthesis grant

Road information

Oita prefecture, road information in Yufu City

Person in charge of customs

About corporation municipal tax

Commercial and industrial labor

About guidelines about safety net guarantee, manager guarantee, promotion of firm location