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Information for banner ad offer

In Yufu City of activated and administrative assets of regional economy, for effectively utilizing, publish banner ad on Yufu City official homepage.
※It recruits new advertiser at any time. Including the number of application method and the offer frames please see the following in detail. Let me talk at publication time.

About Yufu City homepage advertisement

Publication page Yufu City official homepage URL:
Kind and standard of advertisement Banner (image) advertisement
Vertical 50pixel side 135pixel less than 4KB in capacity
Form GIF or JPEG (as for the animation, impossible)
※We shall include name (store's name) of advertiser in image by all means.
Monthly basis advertisement charges 10,000 yen (1 frame /1 ka month)
※Advertisement charges mentioned above are tax-included. Publication several minutes a month, please in one payment.
The number of the offer frames All 8 frames
Publication period Fate is not in period, but prays for application by unit for one month.
Deadline for offer As above
※We give priority to thing having a long number of the publication hope moon (period).

When you apply, you read the following, and please confirm publication conditions.

Flows from application to publication

①We download Yufu City pay insertion frame purchase screening application (summary, style first) (Word)
※We distribute even Yufu City government office General Administration Division (Shonai Government building).

②You fill in matter necessary for application, and you attach image data (as for the image design, possible), and please send.
※We would appreciate your telling address of homepage to link to then.

Sending, presentation Public Relations Officer Secretary Yufu City government office General Administration Division
Sending method * Mail 〒 879-5498 302, Shonaichokakiharu, Yufu-shi, Oita
* E-mail (Yufu City public information) ※Only as for the sending of image data

③We receive examination by Yufu City advertisement screening committee and will tell about the right or wrong of publication with Yufu City pay insertion frame purchase qualification decision, rejection letter of advice (summary, style second).

④After having received decision letter of advice, nyuko does official image data to city.
※Advertiser makes manuscript data, and please bear expense by advertiser.

⑤Please perform payment (payment in advance) of insertion charges by method appointed from city.


Advertisement that we can place shall correspond to none next.

(1) We might spoil publicity, neutrality of city and the dignity
(2) Or, in violation of laws and ordinances, it might conflict with
(3) For business to prescribe in law Article 2 about adequacy of regulation such as business of offering food and entertainment and duties
We correspond
(4) Thing about loan business to prescribe in law Article 2 about regulation of loan business
(5) We are similar to political activity, religious activity, advocacy ad, personal advertising, these advertisement for help or other
(6) It might be against manners and customs of public order or goodness
(7) Is recognized as false or exaggerated expression; infelicity
(8) When city recommends, it might cause misunderstanding
(9) The truth of information and source of information are not clear
(10) We are concerned with facility performing medical similar act without fate for law and appliance
(11) The mayor admits that it is not proper as other advertisements to place


Public Relations Officer Secretary General Administration Division (the second floor of the main government building Main Building)
Telephone: 097-582-1112